Nr # 1 Gaming Girl, shut up and enjoy the game!


Mist of Panderia

As we all know it’s almost time for the new World of Warcraft Expansion. What are you gonna do for it?



ObsCure #7 – I fucking cracked the code!!!

KokoSaga iiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss *drumroll* BACK IN THE GAME!

Remember how annoyed I was in my latest ObsCure episode for I could not open the safe. I tried for a month. A MONTH!! To get that bloody thing open.
And now it finally is. MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHH So yeah… Uh… Obscure gameplay is back and be sure to watch it.




Sorry for absence

I’m so sorry for not having posted anything as of now here. I kind off have been busy like hell XD and also needed a little vacation, as my schedule suddenly was stuffed with so much! But now I’m back 😀 and ready to spread the gaming love again 😀


Youtube Partner “WOOOO!”

Finally, all that gaming has paid off. Youtube has just asked me to become youtube partner. Now I can focus on spreading the word and become a true gamer (I know it’s bad to brag, but I’ve been working really hard for 9 months to get to this and now finally!)

New Gameplay: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Besides my Medievil Gameplay… I have now started a gameplay of the horror game: Silent Hill Shattered Memories. It is available for Wii, PSP & PS2. It is the 7th SH Game in the series

“The subtitle Shattered Memories refers to shattering and re-imagining the memories of the player’s experience from the original game, and to how the game’s protagonist, Harry Mason, has “shattered memories” of the events leading up to his car crash.” – Silent Hill Wikia

Storyline: Psychiatrist Michael Kaufmann is preparing for a new patient. He pours himself a glass of whiskey and his receptionist tells him that his new patient has arrived early; Dr. Kaufmann acknowledges that this is fine, and tells her they can start. Meanwhile, Harry Mason, the protagonist of the game, has lost control of his car on the icy roads and crashes into a snowy embankment in a junkyard in the town of Silent Hill. Coming to from the crash, Harry realizes that his daughter Cheryl is missing, and he sets out to find her.


So Guys… as you can see it’s not really a remake of the original story but more of that missing piece of the puzzle that will answers all the questions you had in the original game. I’m really excited to play this and hope I’ll get terrified and scream like a little girl just for your entertainment.

Not only is there a great story but the game will be customized JUST for you! As your decisions will make it shape and change to be the most fitting for the player. Here’s more information.

Psych Profile:

One of the main new gameplay features for Shattered Memories is the way the world reacts to the player’s actions, known as the Psych Profile. Different actions yield different results, in a manner more advanced than the simple “good or bad” responses that have been prevalent in most games that incorporate this mechanic. This will affect certain aspects in the game, such as what buildings will be open or closed, which characters will be met and what clothes they will wear, and variations of phone calls and text messages on the in game phone. Real time decisions made by the player, such as which restroom they enter first, affect the game in many ways.

As well as this, there is a sequence at the beginning of the game where the character is given a psychiatric evaluation by a psychiatrist. The mode here is first person, and the player must answer questions regarding their personality and psyche. They can nod or shake their head in response to questions. There are many psyche analysis sequences through out the game, many of them obscure; in one sequence, the player is asked to color in a picture of a house, among many others. These, and almost all of the player’s decisions made during the exploration sections, will help determine certain elements and encounters within the game.


New Gameplay: Medievil

New gameplay… yeah a classic game from my past. My very first horror game that is… so yeah enjoy